For brands of buyer merchandise, the once-necessary travel of computerized change has ended up direly vital. Our customer items specialists work with clients to distinguish the finest utilize cases for creating the advanced capabilities that drive consumer-centric advancement by to begin with creating a exhaustive understanding of your trade.

Our Services for Consumer Products Companies

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Before adding or combining these abilities to your working system, we will help you to define, test, and demonstrate how advanced data collection and analysis, AI, digital supply chain, and other improvements will add value. To meet changing customer needs, we use technology to make tasks more efficient and form teams with people from different areas of the company.

Our Client Work with the Consumer Products Industry

A big company that sells food and drinks in lots of places wanted us to help them figure out how much their customers will want to buy using a computer program that can learn and make better predictions. The project made things more accurate by 4 to 18 percent and saved order planners 50% of their time. It also added an extra feature. The profit margin is 4% to 8%.

We worked with a big personal care company to make digital marketing centers in six countries. Our team can organize 3,000 places and social media pages to make special experiences for customers. The company is really good at advertising online. They run more than 50 online campaigns all over the world, and they usually make three times more money than they spend.

To start using data to sell more beer, we put together groups of employees from different parts of the company in ten countries. We worked together on more than 50 trial campaigns in the past two years. The unused marketing campaign made more money from digital ads, cost less to reach customers, and boosted sales in stores by 10% in some places.

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